We have a broad range of scarily experienced (but not scary) associates, at the core sit:

Lisa Morgan – Lisa works  at the leading edge of accessing the unconscious mind for research and uses these skills to conduct brilliantly insightful interviews and groups.

Alison Drury – Another very clever but fun person who knows all there is to know about public service research.

.Joe Yasin – Of course numbers cannot literally dance but if they could Joe would be their Pied Piper

David Douce – We have yet to find an area where David does not have some experience to turn his intelligent questioning and droll sense of humour to (but his knowledge of financial services is awesome).

Karen Pringle – The most inspired video producer, director and editor you could ever wish to have

But we also have some amazing Behavioural Economics experts, semioticians, psychologists, business strategists, to say nothing of our individually chosen team of international researchers.